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  2. Data-informed journalism. It’s fascinating that Buzzfeed consider every aspect of the structure of a story and are actually designing stories in response to audience reaction. They analyse reams of audience data and apply the lessons learned to future stories. This could be seen as a glorious closing of the loop between media outlet and audience, or as the diminution of the significance of journalistic flair and inspiration. Which one depends very much on whether you see the audience’s desires being fed to their satisfaction or manipulated to their detriment.


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    Start a debate. 
    Content doesn’t need a definitive answer. Like with the Black and Blue (or Gold and White) dress, give people something that they can talk about


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    Give people what they want. 
    Buzzfeed’s ethos is that content is a gift, and must provide value.  Research has proven that content with conflicting views will get shared and discussed on a greater scale than other content


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  2. Collaboration is King. There are over 2 billion users of social media worldwide with 1.3 billion on Facebook. Buzzfeed recognise that social media sharing has been critical to its success and have forged alliances with key partners.


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  2. Tailor your content to your platform. Buzzfeed states that people share for three reasons: Identity, Information and Emotion. 61% of Identity content is shared on Facebook, whereas 78% of Information-based content is on Pinterest content and 32% of Emotional –content is shared on Twitter

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