At the intersection
of data and ideas

The open source
media agency

None of us is as
good as all of us

What we do

What does it mean to be an Open Source Media Agency? It means welcoming input from beyond our own walls, creating a true network of talent, weaving together data and ideas and breaking down unhelpful silos. It means having a willingness to experiment. It means caring about the audience’s reaction to brands. We will draw on the right talent at the right time, keeping core teams lean. We must curate from inside and outside of our organisation and funnel the best of the best to clients in a frictionless, organised manner.

If one word sums it up, that word is ‘collaboration’ – inventive, collective progress towards business goals. Because none of us is as good as all of us.

The aim of all of this, of course, is to produce exciting and effective work. Our belief is that, in an era of radical digital disruption that is ripe with possibility, such work will come from agencies that are flexible, people-oriented and collaborative.

Our Approach

Open Source Planning colours both how we develop our thinking and the relationship that the audience now have with media. The spirit of open source – collaborative, progressive, people-focused – suffuses our approach.

What is open source planning?

It applies both in the development of media ideas and in how that idea lives in the real world.


Way of working

Inspired by other worlds



Work in the world

Responsive & Adaptable

There are four spokes to the process:


Understand the challenge


Rapid fire innovation


Modify and evolve


Develop the plan

Here is how an open source idea is built:


How am I accruing
and interpreting and
applying data
around the idea?


How, when and why
are people talking
about my idea?


Where do I want the
user to take this
idea? Where do I
want to take them?


What content am I
making, where is it
going and why will
they like it?

Open source thinking is applied to our digital investment approach:


client, agency &
partner service


Vivaki and
best-in-class third party
tools combined for
optimal outcomes


Fully transparent
& independent media
buying model


1st, 2nd & 3rd party
data applied to
maximum effect