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Blue 449 is the Open Source Agency. We think flexibly, learn fast, respond swiftly, collaborate widely, nurture technology, amplify ideas, mine data and operate at the very heart of businesses. Many of our brands have experienced significant growth and transformation, and they trust us to lead them through the evolving media landscape with this Open Source approach.  It represents a style of network that encourages the fast flow of ideas, and that uses its talent effectively, wherever that talent is and in a way that gives our clients access to what matters most – new knowledge and fresh ideas. With Open Source, clients benefit from a wide range of talent and tools, faster access to new technologies and are at the vanguard of media understanding.



At the core of everything that we do is our people. Passionate media professionals are the life-blood of our agency. Everyone who works with us, across the country, shares a passion for communication, innovation and performance. Embedded at the core of our culture is a deep-rooted desire to continually learn and improve.

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