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From High School to Hudson Street By Lila Horwood

While the majority of my classmates spent their summers working as camp counselors or laying by the pool all day, I spent my days in an office building in New York City; and I know I made the right choice.

As an incoming high school senior, you have to make challenging decisions about your future. Deciding where to apply to college and subsequently, choosing your college major are choices frequently made by students with too little information. Because of this, I knew that partaking in an internship this summer would allow me to explore my interests and help choose the right major.

I am someone who enjoys communicating. I love to talk, and far more, I love to have my opinions heard. Because of my interests and personality, the thought of pursuing a career in communications has intrigued me for quite some time. Working as a HR and communications intern has reaffirmed my beliefs and interests.

My internship at Blue 449 has taught me what it means to work for an advertising agency. Too often, people make decisions based on the actions of those around us. We repeat the information our parents taught us and never take the opportunity to learn for ourselves when we are making major life decisions. Many are left feeling burdened and anxious, as though they have chosen a life based on the dreams of others.

Blue 449 has given me the opportunity to ask questions and gain real life experience in areas that interest me. I now have a better idea of who I am what I am interested in and most importantly, the topics that don’t interest me.

During my time at Blue 449, I was fortunate enough to meet with seasoned experts who walked me through their day-to-day responsibilities, as well as their unique perspectives and experiences. This exposure has allowed me to gain a new perspective of the industry, one I would never get in a classroom.

I enjoyed working on projects that allowed me to utilize my generational awareness of social media, but simultaneously forced me to expand my knowledge to gain an understanding of corporate social media. I also worked on projects to enhance the company’s onboarding strategy, providing an opportunity to learn project management and presentation skills. All of these experiences have enabled me to go into my senior year of high school ready for what lies ahead. I will apply to colleges this fall with a focus on continuing to build on what I learned this summer. I am now even more confident that this is the right career path for me, and most importantly, I hope that this is not the last Blue 449 will see of me.

  1. Such a well written and insightful article! Blue 449 loved having Lila on board.

    Posted by Caitlin at 18:06 on 27.07.17
  2. Lila,
    This is wonderful! You write so well and I love the strong sense of self that you shared. Of all our granddaughters you are the only one with a sense of purpose and direction at such an early stage in the “process”.
    We are so proud of you and thrilled that you were able to have this meaningful experience and to share it.
    xoxo Gma

    Posted by Gma at 18:38 on 28.07.17
  3. This is so amazing! Love you!

    Posted by Syddieeee xoxo at 13:48 on 16.01.18

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