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Eastern promises : Innovation, Warsaw by Christoph Duscynski

When the Polish team asked me to speak on this year’s Innovation Conference in Warsaw I was immediately up for it. Speaking at conferences is usually good fun, I hadn’t had the chance to meet my Polish colleagues yet and had never been to Warsaw before. Count me in!

But after the initial excitement comes the crucial question: ‘what am I going to talk about?’ Most of the talks and presentations I had in the drawer felt a little out of date or seemed to be too top level for an audience predominantly consisting of agency people, digital marketers and entrepreneurs. So after giving it some serious thinking I figured it might be wisest to simply focus on the two things that we at BLUE449 do best: COLLABORATION and NEW TECH.

I ended up holding a talk about collaborating with start-ups within our industry trying to give some hands on advice about how to do it and what to be prepared for. But what really impressed me throughout the whole day was that the things I came there to talk about were already overwhelmingly present. The level of collaboration, not only between our teams but everybody at the event was tremendous. Whenever we would gather somewhere to have a little break there was someone coming up to us to briefly exchange some knowledge and experience.

At the same time the number of inspirational entrepreneurs and start-ups at the event was something that I thought could only be found in Berlin, London or New York.

Bottom line: if you ever have the chance to attend Innovation Warsaw, do it. If you have the chance to visit our Polish colleagues, do it anyway!

Beata, Lukasz, Anna and the rest of the team; THANK YOU for having me!

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