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Different. Full stop. By Ana Duque

I was having dinner with my family yesterday. My nephew and I get along very well and he suddenly said he wanted to tell me something. But it was a secret, just for the two of us.

His parents asked him: “Why can’t we hear what you have to say?”.

Because Aunt Ana is different – he said.

Different? What’s the difference between her and us?

Well, you work the whole day.

She also does!

But you work in an office.

She also does!

Well, she is different. Full stop.


Why am I different from my sister and brother in law? The three of us are working for big companies, in an office, with a boss and work schedule.

I started to think about it and, suddenly, the answer came to me:

My sister and my brother in law really like their jobs. But mine fits me. That’s the difference.

For me, no two days are ever the same. I work together with very different people, with different points of view. I team up with all departments and work for all categories.

Advertising is an fantastically interesting market. And so is being a Strategist.

I’m always thinking, observing, analyzing. I’m open-minded. I look at the world in a different way and that’s what makes me different from others.

But I’m not the only one. The same is true for my co-workers in the Agency. We love what we do and see things with this Blue 449 filter that makes us open source.

At Blue 449, we are different. Full stop.

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