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Content and How We Distribute It Efficiently by George Pearcy

Mid-point of Content Week on Wednesday the 10th of June and we had Outbrain, Twitter and Yahoo drop by to share with us just how to properly distribute content across channels, and what their best practice advice was in regards to achieving scale and engaging with our audiences:

Successful Strategies Start at the Beginning
Applying a focus on content creation at the beginning of the campaign gives you the longest amount of time to plan, execute and truly get the best out of your content marketing. The more time you have to plan, the more varied and exciting channel strategies can be properly planned and implemented.

Great Content Will Fluidly Move and be Shared Across Platforms –
For example 67% of content originating on Tumblr goes out to other platforms. Tumblr attribute this to their unique proposition as the only social media platform which enables expression via so many different formats; pictures, GIFS, infographics, you name it. We should approach content in the same media agnostic fashion, starting with a great idea and then finding the most suitable format and medium to publish it in.

Jump in on Trends
Understanding the passions of your target audience is key for brands to successfully jump in on trends. Knowing the interests of your audience helps brands align themselves with content that is relevant to them – whether you’re Oreo running out their famous ‘Dunk in the Dark’ moment, or Nissan welcoming the second Royal baby by showcasing the roominess of their XTrail – placing your content in the right place at the right time can be immensely successful if executed correctly.

But Encourage Brands to Consider a Long-Term Strategy for Content
It’s imperative to look towards the long game when it comes to content strategy. Find something that genuinely resonates with what brands stand for, jumping on the back of every trend or hashtag possible will cannibalize and saturate your comms message.

Data Minimises Risk:
Yet again, data lends its helpful hand and this time to content creation. Data can minimise the risk of subjective creativity by revealing what kind of content your audience is responding to. From here we can refine the content to give fans more of what they want and consequently target the right person at the right time.

Attribute The Power of Influencers
By leveraging talent and ambassadors associated with the brand and promoting content from their accounts, you optimise your reach to the highest possible quantity. By celebrating brand ambassadors triumphs and tribulations you can further engage with your audience and build brand value.

Open New Windows
Ever developing interactive apps such as Periscope can help generate engaging behind the scenes footage and the like in real-time streamed across the World Wide Web.  Platform’s such as this lower the self-imposed “barriers” we establish for content and can help brands build a relationship with their audience, making them more personable and engaging.

Distributing content is an essential part of a content marketing strategy and companies such as Outbrain, Twitter and the Yahoo network are opening doors to brands and agencies alike. The limitations of various platforms are becoming less and less prominent with the introduction of pictures and video content, with brands, users and agencies alike becoming capable of pushing out unique visual content that is live, native, mobile and everywhere all at once.

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