Working with Blue 449


What does it mean to be an Open Source Media Agency? It means welcoming input from beyond our own walls, creating a true network of talent, weaving together data and ideas and breaking down unhelpful silos. It means having a willingness to experiment in order to learn. It means caring about the audience’s reaction to brands. We will draw on the right talent at the right time, keeping core teams lean. If one word sums it up, that word is ‘collaboration’ – inventive, collective progress towards real business goals. Because none of us is as good as all of us.

The aim of all of this, of course, is to produce exciting and effective work. Our belief is that, in an era of radical digital disruption that is ripe with possibility, such work will come from agencies that are flexible, people-oriented and collaborative.


Blue 449 is united by a purpose: the hunger to deliver work for our clients that is both progressive and effective, using collaborative methods and driven by a relentless, spirited energy. Our hope is that you will love it here too and want to be a part of helping us to deliver on our purpose every day.

Joining Blue 449 also means becoming a part of the bigger Publicis Media family. The opportunities to deepen your knowledge, develop your career and explore the world are boundless.

One agency, many territories, no boundaries



If you are interested in joining Blue 449, please view our current list of vacancies:

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