Beyond our walls


An Open Source approach rests on looking beyond our walls for knowledge, inspiration and expertise. Indeed, to truly live up to the Open Source proposition it’s crucial not simply to look beyond our own walls, but also past those of our group and even to vault the sometimes restrictive barriers of our industry. The Blue Collective is how we meet this challenge. It’s how we learn what other agencies do not. It’s how we constantly replenish our reservoir of insight, creativity and technology.

Our most tangible expression of our open source practice, the Blue Collective, is a rich source of collaborative individuals and organisations who we curate to deliver ingenious, disruptive solutions for our clients every day. They are authors, data visualisers, documentary makers, content producers, influencers, futurologists, artists and much more. We work with them in fluid, flexible and mutually beneficial ways sharing understanding and expertise.

Working Collaboratively


Supercharged debate, genius perspectives and first to market initiatives have all come from working collaboratively with our Blue Collective Community. Our clients love the fresh input this brings and our people learn more and learn fast.

Our ambition for the collective is huge, its contribution and point of difference to our clients unique