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Blue 449 USA supports Start-Ups with NextTechNow launch by Michael Miraflor

Last month Blue 449 took its first steps towards the launch of NextTechNow in the USA. NextTechNow is Publicis Media’s global partnership initiative to build connections with start-ups and expand the capabilities offered to clients, it is led by the global business transformation team.

In North America we aim to replicate the success of NextTechNow in markets across Europe and Asia, and bring it to the US and Canada. As the Open Source agency, Blue 449 is excited to take on this new challenge, allowing us to integrate NextTechNow with our Open Source model and the Blue Collective.

On September 19, Blue 449’s New York office welcomed eight start-ups for a full day of programming to introduce local employees to NextTechNow and provide a platform to discuss new technology, ideas and opportunities.

These strategic partnerships are the first step of many to reach a new pipeline of talent and expand our agency’s capabilities for clients, allowing us to work with start-ups of all kinds, merge platforms and better connect with consumers.

Our employees welcomed the opportunity to meet the founders of innovative start-ups like, Idomoo, Pebble Post, Audio Boom, Holosonics, Throtle, Iris TV and Vyking, and were able to enjoy a happy hour after the business presentations for the opportunity to engage in new conversations.

Through NextTechNow and the Blue Collective, Blue 449 is creating a community of collaboration, providing start-ups access to one another, agency minds, clients and more. The relationships and connections created here will allow for the expansion of core capabilities integrated into media planning as well as a service level offering for Tentpole events including CES, SXSW, VivaTech and more.



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