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A Year of Wellbeing by Phoebe Williams

Early morning yoga, a one-to-one session with a professional nutritionist and an inspirational talk on a Friday afternoon.

A daily schedule at a wellbeing retreat?

You wouldn’t be wrong, but this is just a sample of the range of sessions available to us here at Blue 449 London as part of our ‘Year of Wellbeing’ from PUSH Mind & Body and The Open Source Academy.

We launched our Wellbeing with PUSH Mind & Body programme in April this year, providing sessions that cover coaching, mindfulness, nutrition and exercise for the entire London agency.

Working with PUSH and drawing on the insights of our designated Wellbeing Champions – a selection of volunteers from across the agency – has allowed for a programme of events and workshops to be specifically tailored to the needs of our employees.

The media landscape is rapidly transforming and as a result, our media agency is always evolving and expanding to match these changes. Coupled with living and working in the heart of such a vibrant yet hectic city means it’s never been so important for us to build resilience and address our wellbeing in the workplace.

These sessions include practical methods for building resilience at work: we recently welcomed PUSH Personal Development Coach Jo Daly, who originally came from a media background herself before moving into coaching, to run a session on priority management. Jo worked closely with twelve of our employees to help them understand their individual approach to task planning and learn new tools to help combat stress and plan effectively, all within a two hour session.

These more workable sessions are complemented by those that concentrate on improving general wellbeing. This summer we ran weekly yoga classes, taking advantage of nearby Regent’s Park to get people out of the office. These took place in the morning, with the class able to practice yoga outside to prepare themselves mentally and physically for the working day ahead.

The feedback from the Wellbeing Champions following our first wave of events highlighted that we needed to provide more opportunities to ‘meet and mix’ with even more interactive and engaging sessions. We are working on this, and this Autumn we will be trialling a group Art Therapy session, where partakers will be introduced to a new way of using art materials that is liberating, creative and allows for time to reflect on personal matters.

The breadth of sessions on offer provide the rare opportunity for one-to-one, confidential conversations with a trained professional and bring together people from different teams, in workshops and events that encourage us to collaborate and share our different experiences.

To give more opportunities for individual coaching, our agency has also partnered up with The School of Life to offer five-part courses of one-to-one therapy sessions with trained psychotherapists. They strongly believe that therapy can help us improve our everyday lives in multiple ways, and that it doesn’t need to be an emergency in order to recieve help.

It’s a hugely exciting step for our agency and I’m immensely proud to be helping co-ordinate our ‘Year of Wellbeing’ to prioritize the wellbeing and welfare of our people.

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