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5 Things We Learnt From Red Bull – By George Pearcy #ContentWeek

Content Week is in full swing here at the Blue 449 London offices and we were lucky enough to have it all kicked off by one of the world’s leading content creators, Red Bull. With over 43 million Facebook likes and 1.7 million Twitter followers, Red Bull inhabits a powerful and unique space among Brand Influencers. But what is it that brings so many social users to following and consuming the brand’s content? Luckily, Paul Coldham, Red Bull’s Head of Commercial Partnerships was on hand to lay down his 5 golden rules:


Own It – If Content’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing well. Too many brands fall into the ‘we’ll do a bit’ ethos. A half-hearted attempt at content can be sniffed out a mile out by the modern ‘always-on’ consumer, if a job’s worth doing, do it to the best of your collective abilities.


Being crazy isn’t enough, you have to understand what’s going to intrigue people – Sometimes a fantastic idea can be just that, all idea and no substance. Being fluid & flexible in the activation and execution of your goals & targets is key to being reactive and appealing.


To make people share, you have to break down barriers – Creating content that people care about and want to consume is a way of connecting with your audience. Once a connection is properly formed, the barrier of ‘branding’ is far more likely to be overcome, as the old adage goes ‘sharing is caring’, to make consumers share & care for your brand, you have to engage with them first


Co-creation is the only way content can truly work – There needs to be an active running dialogue between Brands and Content Creators; forcing creators down a blind alley inflating useless content that no one will read is one thing, just as creators twisting a brief is another. An involved and engaged dialogue allows for co-creation, the cornerstone of the best creative output.


Tell a story and make the consumers the heroes – As Human Beings, we’re naturally drawn to engaging narratives. A narrative that allows consumers to place themselves at the centre of it is even better, be it through events such as the Soapbox Race or Musical innovation at the Red Bull Music Studios, Red Bull are kings at making the consumer be the hero of their own stories.


In summary then, as Blue 449 moves towards the ultimate goal of co-creation and a co-operative, open source planning approach, it’s vital we be 100% aware of our audience. Be it their wants, needs or interests, the key to great content is to drive conversation and emotion and place our consumers at the heart of what we do; as when they feel involved, they engage, and when they engage, we as advertisers and marketers have truly done our jobs.

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