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449 Days by Andras Vigh, Global Brand President, Blue 449

New beginnings are occasionally complex and challenging, but the freshness and that “nothing to lose” energy, combined with ambition, tenacity and a lack of institutionalised structure, can create a rugged but rewarding atmosphere. We are not the first to have tried this approach but such behaviour embodies the spirit of the last 449 days of Blue 449.


My favourite three cities in the world all have that combination of new fresh talent and energetic ideas. All are fueled by immigration and the marriage of the old and new, tradition and the future united. They are Hong Kong, my home for eleven years, London, where I am now based and New York, scene of many visits and a place I marvel at.  I believe that the attributes and characteristics seen in these places and our people in those cities will be the driving force of Blue 449.


There are numerous parallels when you consider Blue 449. We started as a combination of talent from the great acquisitions of Walker Media and Match Media, Optimedia, FMCG and Blue 449. This unique melting pot of talent, integrated with the might, scale and support of Publicis Media, launched Blue 449 on the 16th December 2016. Today is our 449th day.


A great deal has happened in those 449 days.


30 offices in 22 countries, all fueled by our start-up, independent and open source culture, facilitate a working culture that challenges the norms of the marketplace. We may not always be easy to work with, but it comes from a strength of focus to change and a desire to deliver success on behalf of our clients.


Mapping the path of a startup is not necessarily straight forward, luck and timing will often have a significant hand in progress. However, with hard graft and tenacity much can be achieved.


In our first 449 days we have pitched for business on a near continuous basis and this has helped us to shape the path of our brand. Working under pressure has enabled us to create some of our best ideas and supercharged our brand immersion and open source thinking. I have witnessed tremendous evolution and development in these 449 days. Arguably the powerful use of data and the scale that Publicis Media allows us to offer our open source approach with confidence; a strong, alternative solution for clients. One could say we have the best of both worlds.


I believe the next 449 days offer us a period of consolidation; we will build upon our new culture, ideas and learning to drive strategy, infused by the data and talent within the Publicis Media structure and our Blue Collective members. In this evolving media landscape such an approach will have great merit and provides us with a strong bedrock on which to build. We should leverage our open source approach, continually listening to our clients and partners. This is not always straightforward but it will lead to rewarding work and amplifies our founding moto…


“None of us is as good as all of us…”

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